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Dispatching Mastery Bundle: Dispatch Training, Safety & Compliance, and IFTA

Unlock Your Dispatching Mastery with Our Bundle! Master Dispatching skills, ensure Safety & Compliance, and navigate IFTA effortlessly with our comprehensive bundle. Elevate your proficiency and efficiency in one transformative package.

Dispatching Mastery Bundle: Dispatch Training, Safety & Compliance, and IFTA
Dispatching Mastery Bundle: Dispatch Training, Safety & Compliance, and IFTA

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Choose which class fits your schedule

Zoom Live Webinar

About the event

Dispatching Mastery Bundle: Dispatch Training, Safety & Compliance, and IFTA

Become a proficient logistics professional with our comprehensive bundle class, combining three essential trainings: Dispatch Training, Safety & Compliance, and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). Choose classes that work for your schedule, once you sign up you can message us or email us with your class selection and we will enroll for each of those specific courses.

Dispatch Training-

Master the art of dispatching with in-depth training covering scheduling, routing, load optimization, and communication skills. Learn to navigate various challenges of the dispatching process efficiently and effectively.

Safety & Compliance-

Ensure adherence to industry regulations and standards with our rigorous safety and compliance training. Explore best practices for maintaining safety protocols, managing documentation, and mitigating risks, ensuring your operations are always in full compliance with legal requirements.

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)-

Navigate the complexities of fuel tax reporting seamlessly with our specialized IFTA training. Understand the intricacies of fuel tax calculations, reporting procedures, and compliance requirements across different jurisdictions, enabling you to manage fuel tax obligations with precision and confidence.

Key Features-

- Expert-led instruction from industry professionals with real-world experience.

- Interactive learning modules and practical exercises to reinforce key concepts.

- Accessible online platform for convenient learning anytime, anywhere.

- Comprehensive resources including study materials, case studies, and assessments to track progress.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the dynamic field of logistics. Enroll in our Logistics Mastery Bundle today and take the first step towards a successful career in transportation and supply chain management.

Dispatch Training Center Online Class Policy

1. Equipment and Connectivity Requirements:

- A working computer with a camera and stable Wi-Fi is mandatory for video participation during classes.

2. Video Participation and Conduct:

- Failure to maintain video presence may result in removal from the class or course without refund.

- Disruption of class flow is not tolerated; consistent disruption may lead to removal without refund.

3. Zoom Login and Attendance:

- Log in to Zoom using your registered email and name; failure to check in may result in removal.

- Attendance is mandatory for the entire scheduled class; notify us of conflicts promptly.

4. Moderation and Recording:

- Classes are moderated; moderators reserve rights to manage students and may record for legal purposes.

- Recording classes or sharing materials without permission is strictly prohibited.

5. Class Policies and Refunds:

- Courses are non-transferable; refunds require written notification within 48 hours of registration.

- Chargeback attempts will incur legal fees; refunds are contingent on compliance with our policies.

6. Transfers and Contact:

- One-time free transfer to a later class permitted with 7 days written notice.

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  • Dispatching Mastery Bundle

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